You need more tools in your back pocket for your T1D journey and we've got them for you.

MINI- COURSES & masterclasses

From blood sugar management, nutrition support and exercise strategy - we've got you.

The keeping it 100: self-paced

10 hours of restriction-free lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, hormones and diabetes strategy video trainings from sources you can trust


The insulin sensitivity syncing method

On the list of sh*t your endocrinologist never teaches you, hormones and diabetes management is number one. Take a phased-based approach to diabetes management by learning how to navigate blood sugars and hormones through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.



Mastering your baselines bootcamp digital course

Your baselines are the backbone of your diabetes management - they need to be strong. Inside this course, our team diabetes educator breaks down how to master basal rates, carb ratios and correction factors so you can build a solid foundation.


Mastering Your Hormones Bootcamp Digital Course

The truth is you’re not paying attention to your cycle as much as you should be, and chances are it’s showing in your blood sugars. Learn everything you need to know on how your hormones are affecting blood sugars, cycle tracking and syncing with your cycle for smooth hormone shifts.


Mastering Insulin Sensitivity Digital Masterclass

There are six key pillars when it comes to mastering insulin sensitivity in your daily life with diabetes. This masterclass is breaking them all down for you.



Interpreting Your Data

Your endocrinologist is looking at the last two weeks of data every three months - what about what’s in between? Inside this masterclass we’re breaking down what data to look at, what it means and how to breakthrough stubborn blood sugar patterns.


Mastering your diabetes habits digital masterclass

What if you could put your habits on autopilot without feeling like you’re constantly weighed down by routine? Inside this masterclass Coach Lissie breaks down the science of building blood sugar supportive behaviors without the overwhelm.


mastering alcohol with diabetes digital masterclass

Cheers to smooth blood sugars and your favorite cocktail. Inside this masterclass Coach Jessica is giving you the inside scoop on how to drink alcohol safely and strategically, without sacrificing your blood sugars.


mastering baking with diabetes digital masterclass

You’re a fan of sweet treats? So are we! What if we told you that you can have your cake and eat it too? Inside this masterclass, Coach Jessica is walking you through all her best blood sugar friendly baking strategies.


mastering exercise with diabetes digital masterclass

Tired of your workout being interrupted by a low blood sugar? We get it. Whether you love to run, lift or dance, our personal trainer, Lissie Poyner teaches you how to workout worry-free.


mastering cycle tracking with diabetes digital masterclass

The tracking app on your iphone aint it, sis. When you learn how to track your cycle using a symptothermal approach, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of insulin sensitivity shifts and how to work WITH them.


Making Sense of the Data

You see the highs and lows happening, but do you know why? Inside this masterclass, Jessica breaks down the primary causes behind blood sugar patterns and how to navigate them, so you can finally gain more predictability in your daily management


Mastering Hormones

Your roadmap to hormonal alignment for energy and diabetes management.