EP 22: A Subconscious Approach to Health & Wellness with Jenna Knapp

Episode 022 - A Subconscious Approach to Health & Wellness With Jenna Knapp


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Meet Lissie, an Integrative Diabetes Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and creator of the Needles and Spoons Health & Wellness Coaching Experiences. Lissie helps overwhelmed Type One Diabetics gain more predictability in their blood sugars so they can finally take their plans off hold and welcome new life experiences. Lissie's signature 360 degree approach to coaching creates a proactive space in taking you from confused to confident in your blood sugar management.

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Our 10-week high-touch hybrid coaching experience for people with Type 1 Diabetes that fills the gap between endocrinologist support and self diabetes management, and puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

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