Getting Bold with Food: Integrating Carbs with Diabetes

September 23, 2022

When I was first diagnosed with type one diabetes, I was immediately told to limit my carb intake in order to keep my blood sugars in range. As a former gymnast who grew up leaning on high-carb meals for energy before my competitions, this new diet recommendation made me feel restricted and resent my diagnosis even further.


You might be surprised to know that when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes eight years ago, I didn’t go on a continuous glucose monitor right away (Gasp!). Yep, it’s true. At the time, I had just gotten on an insulin pump and honestly didn’t want to have a second device on my body.

Unpopular T1D Opinion: Team Automode or Team Manual?

September 9, 2022


Supporting a Type 1 Diabetic: What Not to Do

September 2, 2022

If someone you love lives with type one diabetes, we know that this journey effects you too. Every high blood or low blood sugar that we experience, you are on the side lines with us doing your best to support, but not overstep. It’s a fine line, and sometimes it may be hard to gauge how to support your T1D. To be honest, sometimes we don’t even know what we need. So this blog post is here for you to refer back to when you’re not sure how to help your loved one with T1D.


Living with type one diabetes can impact our relationship with food, how we see food and even impact our hunger cues. So in a world where we want to take an intuitive approach to eating, is it possible with T1D? Inside this blog post, we’re diving into the ins and outs of intuitive eating and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle and blood sugars.

Intuitive Eating with Type 1 Diabetes

August 26, 2022


What I THOUGHT Would Lower my A1C vs What Actually Did…

August 19, 2022

Let’s be real for a second. There is so much information on the internet – which can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be really overwhelming, especially when you’re managing a minute by minute condition like type one diabetes. When I was first diagnosed with type one diabetes (and even for years after) there were a lot of things that I read about lowering my A1C that honestly.. I didn’t feel aligned with.


Summer is here in full swing which means an extra later of decision making for those of us living with type one diabetes. Whether you’re living with type one diabetes yourself or are a parent or caregiver, this blog post will give you tips and tricks to make the decision making easier.

Summer Fun with Type One Diabetes: Tips For Swimming Safely with T1D

August 12, 2022


Intentional Goal Setting to Improve Your Diabetes Management: Tips from A Diabetes Health Coach

August 5, 2022

When it comes to managing diabetes, you might be advised to make lifestyle or management changes. Your doctor might want to set an A1C goal for you to reach by the next visit, but it sort of ends there. You have 3 months, or 90 days, to reach that goal and you may feel like there are a large number of changes to make– from pre-bolusing more consistently, to carb counting accurately, and being intentional about your boluses.


People with diabetes are faced with making over 180 treatment decisions every single day. The constant demand and unpredictability of life with diabetes can be quite a burden when it impacts every area of your life. For many people with diabetes, it is not unusual to become exhausted by the burden of managing diabetes. However it is well-known that being proactive with insulin management can significantly improve A1C and glycemic variability with your diabetes management.

4 Easy Steps to Make Bolusing an Everyday Habit with Type 1 Diabetes

July 29, 2022


The Diabetes Glossary: For the Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic

July 22, 2022

When you receive a diagnosis of diabetes, it really is like learning a whole new language. Not only does it change the way that you take care of your body and the way that you look at food, but there’s all these new terms that you didn’t know existed. If you are new to the diabetes community, you might have heard these terms and have no idea what they mean or you don’t know that these terms exist.